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Parking Pass Printer

  • It connects easily to your computer and facilitates tracking of visitor vehicle details such as license plate number, make, and color. A parking pass receipt will print automatically for visitors to display on their dashboards. Residents can print parking passes from the comfort of their home or office while property managers retain administrative control and can set limits on the number of the parking passes available to residents.

    A second option is the Epson printer or Dymo LableWriter 450. This label printer can print all of the same types of parking and package passes as the thermal printer, but with the advantage that each printed piece is a peel and stick label make it easy to apply to a package or other surface.

Digital Signature Pad

  • The Topaz LCD signature pad is fully integrated and allows you to track when and by whom a package was picked up. This system can also record the signature of visitors and track who has access to the resident suites. The digital pad needs no installation and easily connects via USB port.

Barcode Scanner

  • We simply your package delivery process with Voyager barcode scanner. MCC connect all major courier and delivery companies to your computer via USB port. You can instantly scan any waybill and send notification emails to residents regarding their package to be ready to pick up.

Digital Display Screen

  • MCC offers you a 24-hour 40” digital display screen for your lobby or office room for you to broadcast weather update, CP24 news, urgent messages or any other community important information.

Media Display Unit

  • If you desire to supply own display hardware, using the Media Display Unit feature we will output your community’s beautiful resident package display onto any screen capable of 1920×1200 resolution.

Parking Policies

Package Tracking

Digital Display Guide